Cost-Effecnive  and Clean Electricity Generation and


Inventor: Dr. Anatoly Rokhvarger

We prototyped and patented in the US three alternative technologies and engineering systems and a few advanced products. These systems and products can make clean and much more cost efficient electricity generation, transmission, and use and will totally result in 15% reduction of GHG emissions and fossil fuel consumption in the U.S. and worldwide. They will also result in >$5 billion profit for each one technology. These innovations will also  significantly short Municipal, State, and Federal budgets. There are:


  • Ceramic container-based dry casks for permanently safe, secure and inexpensive onsite disposal of spent nuclear fuel rods.

Microwave assisted production and seamlessly close of large ceramic containers that make possible cost-effective and permanently safe onsite disposal of dry casks with spent nuclear fuel rods and other high irradiating and hazardous solid materials and waste.


  • High Temperature Superconducting Ceramic Electric Wire.


Fabrication of superconducting ceramic round wire filaments that are flexible, workable, and reliable as copper wire but transmits 50x more electricity than copper wire, does. The use of new electric wire will 5 - 7x reduce heat losses as well as costs, weights and diameters of electric cables, motors and transformers. 

  • Clean electricity generation and complete thermo-chemical recycling of municipal solid waste.


Designed thermo-chemical facility provides clean electricity generation and complete recycling  of municipal and other waste (no ash production, no use of fossil fuel, no air pollutant gases, and insignificant GHG emission) to obtain self-supplying of town and city residents by cheap electricity and hot water. 

Received results of R&D have been positively evaluated by a number of authorized experts, well published, US patented, and presented at 23 professional meetings of the American Ceramic and Chemical Engineering, Nano-Tech, and Materials Research societies, NJ Technology Council, and other institutions and organizations.


We invite licensees, government sponsors, and private investors and partners who can be interested in our patent-protected and in-lab prototyped innovative technologies and advanced products that will make much more profitable and cleaner power generation, transmission and end-use. Contact us