Cost-Effecnive  and Clean Electricity Generation and


Inventor: Dr. Anatoly Rokhvarger


Dr. Anatoly Rokhvarger, Ph.D.&D.Sc.

Anatoly Rokhvarger

From 1992 to 2005 Dr. Rokhvarger has been Research Professor at Civil & Environmental and Chemical Eng. and Materials Science Departments of Polytechnic Institute of NY University, Brooklyn, NY.


From 1993 to Present he is VP and than President of International Émigré Association of Arts and Sciences (IÉAAS), Inc., which is nonprofit organization, New York City. 


From 1996 to 2000 he was VP for R&D of Nucon Systems, Inc. NY, NY.


For his career Dr. Rokhvarger developed nine innovative chemical and ceramic engineering technologies and seven types of advanced ceramic materials and products. To date he published six books, two college textbooks, and 196 articles. Dr. Rokhvarger holds seven US patents. A few of them were reissued in Australia, Japan and a few European countries.


Anatoly Rokhvarger holds MS, Ph.D., and D.Sc. degrees in Chemical Ceramic Engineering from Moscow and Saint Petersburg (Russia) Technological Institutes (Universities) and MS degree in Math Statistics for Design of Experiment and Decision Making from Moscow State University.


The American Ceramic Society recognized Dr. Rokhvarger among 100 greatest innovators of the 20th century for development of Conveyer Technology of Ceramic Tile Using Rollers Hearth Kiln, which shorted processing time from 60 hours to 30 minutes.


New Jersey Technology Council gave the first award to the Dr. Rokhvarger’ project Cost-effective Nanofabrication of 3G Superconducting Ceramic Wire as the best among Electronics and Advanced Materials Innovations.


Since 1998 a professional biography of Dr. Rokhvarger is annually publishing by Marquis Who’s Who, NJ in “Who’s Who” in …”: “… the World”: “… America”; and “… Science and Engineering”.




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