Thermo-Chemical Nanotechnologies Innovations for


Clean, Reliable, Cost effective

Electricity generation

Transmission  and End-use applications

Inexpensive ceramic containers for permanent and cost-effective safe and on-site disposal of spent nuclear fuel rods and other high level nuclear and hazardous waste.


There are at present no permanent disposal technologies approved by the US Department of Energy (DOE). Moreover, for the last 70 years there have been no even temporarily effective nuclear waste disposal methods which can really protect public health and safety and satisfy non-proliferation and national security requirements. 

To solve this problem, we invented:

  • inexpensive nano-formulation of the ceramic material, which is permanent chemical, water, thermal, and radiation corrosion resistant and radon gas (emanated from nuclear materials) and water steam impenetrable 


  • large size (18 feet length/height and 3 feet inner diameter) and thick-walled (one inch thickness) radiation-resistant (RC) ceramic containers that are inner shells of the multi-layer packages using for permanent safe on-site disposal or transportation of spent nuclear fuel rods and other high radioactive and hazardous solid wastes


  • a microwave assisting thermo-chemical nanotechnology and industrial apparatuses for
    • a) cost-effective nanofabrication and
    • b) seamlessly closing of RC ceramic containers, and


  • nuclear waste management technology providing safe and secure permanent storage of hazardous, chemically aggressive, and high radioactive solid material mixtures on-site of the nuclear waste producers, including nuclear power plants.


The additional branch of the designed RC ceramic container plant will provide pre-assembly of the container packages and an outdoor service for permanent disposal of 1500tn/year spent nuclear fuel rods and other high radioactive and hazardous solid wastes at waste producer places.


This innovation assures works of current and future nuclear power stations that super efficiently generate clean electricity. This innovation precisely meets the State of The Union address of President Obama (January 25, 2011).

Application of these RC containers will 

  • eliminate necessity in ~$40 billion/year of US Government expenses on nuclear waste management and disposal,
  • increase Homeland security and environment safety,
  • eliminate the major barrier and restriction for growth of clean nuclear power providing complete reduction of GHG emission and fossil fuel consumption, and
  • bring RC technology and plant owners $265MM/year pre-tax net income and 350% annual return on investment. 

    An annual market for the RC containers is $10 billion.

We invite licensees, government sponsors, and private investors and partners who are interested in our patent-protected and in-lab prototyped innovative technologies and advanced products that will make much more profitable and cleaner power generation, transmission and end-usage. Please Contact us